Hi, I'm Jared Jackson

Trained in fullstack web development. I'm a software developer living in New York.

The tools i've used the most to create web apps are: Javascript, HTML/CSS, Node, React, React-Native, and Redux. I've also dabbled in Python Swift and the Unreal Engine.


Mealtracker Screenshot


Mealtracker is a mobile app that allows a user to track their daily caloric intake. Has a trend view that aggregates data by day and shows changes over the previous month.


Go-live radio

Go Live is an audio broadcasting platform, where any user can set up a station, record and stream broadcasts. Users can listen to previous archived broadcasts aswell.


Instrument Emporium

Instrument Emporium is a mock E-commerce website made with restful practices where you search products by name or catagory and complete an online purchase.


I'd love to connect,
you can reach me at